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Ludwig von Koopa is the eldest child of Bowser whose name and hairstyle are derived from the famous German composer Ludwig van Beethoven. Being the eldest, he displays great skill and is third in line for control of the Koopa Troop, after Bowser Jr.


[hide]*1 Super Mario Bros. 3

Super Mario Bros. 3EditEdit


Ludwig appears as the last Koopaling battle before Bowser. When he jumps the room will shake, and render Mario stuck. However, the player must once again jump on his head three times to finish his final composition. In this game, Ludwig has taken over Pipe Land.

The game’s official player’s guide claims that he is Bowser’s “second-in-command”, and he has all the powers of his siblings, including multiple blasts from his wand and ground-shaking stomps.

Super Mario WorldEditEdit

Ludwig von Koopa is the fourth boss of the Twin Bridges area in this game. The player must jump on the head like the rest of his siblings. Ludwig's attacks are different than the others, plus the battle arena has more space to jump. First Ludwig shoots fire until Mario jumps on his head. Ludwig then jumps in his shell and skids across the floor. Then he does a mid air cartwheel and lands right where he stood at the beginning.

  • Note:Ludwig is one of the only bosses in this game who breaths fire. Renzor, and Ludwig are the only to spit fire. Bowser only drops fire.

(According to the in-game text of Super Mario World, Ludwig composes “Koopa symphonies”, a play on the famous composer he is based on.)

Yoshi's SafariEditEdit

In Yoshi's Safari, Ludwig is the second boss to fight. He rides in a mechanical brontosaurus. The red spot on it's back is it's weakspot. After that the arms of the mech will become legs and arms and the head will be the new body. If the body is destroyed, Ludwig will give the player the Amethyst Gem.

Mario and Luigi: Superstar SagaEditEdit

Ludwig appears as a boss after Bowletta takes over the Beanbean Kingdom.

In New Super Mario Bros. WiiEditEdit

Ludwig von Koopa appears in New Super Mario Bros. Wii where he is the seventh boss before Bowser, and after Morton. At his fortress, he shoots dark blue fire at an incredibly fast rate that homes at Mario and his allies. He also is able to flutter-jump. After being jumped on three times, he retreats to his castle.

At his castle, Kamek casts a spell that creates three rising platforms. Ludwig does not conjure homing fireballs, but instead four fireballs at a slower rate. After being stomped on three times, he screams in defeat and falls off screen.

He went through no major changes, except now his shell is dark blue with orange rings surrounding his multiple spikes.

Other mediaEditEdit

In the Nintendo Adventure Book “Pipe Down!”, Ludwig kidnapped Princess Toadstool to be in his dance recital, but she was saved by the Mario Bros. Until Mario and Luigi caused an explosion that "shook something loose in his brain", he was deaf and couldn’t hear his own music.

In the cartoon series, he was named Kooky von Koopa and was the typical mad scientist character, inventing wicked devices for his father, Bowser, to use. The only major physical differences between Ludwig and Kooky is that Kooky has untamed hair, bigger eyes, laughs his "Kooky-Laugh", and is significantly smaller, girth-wise.