By Karma A Koopa from Lemmys Land. One day, Karma decided to go for a kills. When she stepped outside, adventure time fell from the sky. After <4> minutes of poopyness, Karma saw a(n) poop in the road. As she 0 seconds ago down to get it, she got attacked by right now! Karma managed to escape, but lost the poop in the process. After at ?????? hours, Karma eventually got lost in actually SEA OF SPAGHETTI! She was killer. Luckily, she found a map that took her/him out of actually SEA OF SPAGHETTI! Unfortunately, the map was triwick and impossible to read. So Karma went djchsdjvuy and found his/her way home. As she stepped inside, all the Koopalings, Bowser, and Clawdia shouted, “cscjndvj”! “fugykillerdfv!!!!” gasped Karma. “It was my right now?! Thank you so much! I forgot about it!”It started out as a(n) poop day, but in the end, it became a(n) poop day for Karma! The End